A Time To Mend #1

An unopened gift. A broken vow. A tragic fire. Sometimes there are wounds that even time can't heal.

Max and Claire Beaumont seem to have the perfect marriage. They live in a beautiful home, have four wonderful children and everything else that success and money can buy. Yet beneath this picture-perfect exterior, Claire's life is falling apart. She can no longer hold her peace and keep up appearances.

After all the silent years, she must speak the truth.

As their lives unravel, deep needs and even deeper hurts are revealed. Not only the wounds between husband and wife, but family wounds as well. Will this time of soul-searching and conflict bring them closer together--or tear their marriage apart?

It's a strange irony to leave home in search of a safe harbor. Yet that is often where the journey begins . . . especially when it is time to mend.

Reader Reviews

My heart is still tender from the emotion of this book! I enjoyed it very much! It was sweet and tender ... while at the same time shocking and forceful. Claire's issues of allowing her identity to be swallowed up in her husband's work was the most compelling.

This was an excellent reminder that marriage is not to be taken for granted and is to be tended to and nurtured. Communicating dreams and desire is important for both husband and wife. I was moved and drawn in by the desperate longings of Claire and her last-ditch efforts to get through to her husband.

I look forward to reading more books in this series.

--Tami Hunter www.creativetree.typepad.com/treeswingreading

This was quite a moving story, very well written. It was spiritually sound, addressed issues that many couples hide under the rug, and brought it all together in a great flowing storyline. A book that you will enjoy, perhaps will relate to, and certainly will remember long after the read.

--Shirley Priscilla Johnson