Just to See You Smile

A Word from the Author

“Though years and marital status separate them, Britte and Anne are close friends and coworkers, both living out the dreams they’ve had since childhood. The trouble is those dreams include the cooperation of other people. When a disgruntled husband and a new boss enter the scene, the going gets rough. The bumps along their paths reveal they’ve taken their eyes off Jesus. As they share His unconditional love, their dreams take on new characteristics they could not have imagined.”
Sally John, Author of Just to See You Smile

Editorial Reviews

“These books are truly inspiring and I felt drawn closer to God myself after reading them. All of the books in Sally John’s ‘The Other Way Home’ series are filled with the wonderful story of God’s love for us and also let us know no matter how bad things may seem, life is full of second chances and many surprises as we walk along the paths of our life’s journey. When we have faith in God’s wisdom and trust Him to direct our paths, there is no limit to what can be achieved in our lives.” —Christian Library Journal

Reader Reviews

“I finished Just to See You Smile in practically one sitting, drawn in by characters and stories that live with me for days afterwards.

Sally John’s characters are knights with rusty armor and princesses with rumpled gowns. They are men and women like us who may be marred by wounds and choices, yet who courageously move forward to honor Christ and deepen loving relationships.

Young women readers would do well to learn from Britte. She enjoyed singleness with contentment and fruitfulness, then trusted God for an expanded heart when He surprised her with new adventures in love. Alec and Anne’s rediscovery of a marriage blending healthy boundaries and sacrificial commitments inspired me more than a dozen “how to” marriage manuals.

The men and women of Valley Oaks have much to teach us. Like them, we too can discover rich connection with the Lord and one another even in the midst of our ordinary worlds of crowded schedules and cluttered kitchens.” —Margo Balsis

“These are the most compelling books that I have read in a long time. The average woman, such as myself, can easily relate to the characters. They are all fresh and unique, but yet they are still every day people. The plot lines run current with today’s issues, so a reader does not feel that the story is too ‘way out.’ Aside from those basics, Ms. John’s style made Just to See You Smile, as well as the others, a pure joy to read. I felt great disappointment when the book came to an end. I just hate to let go of the characters, as well as the story.” —Deborah Piccurelli

“I could read a hundred more books with these characters in them. God has truly blessed Sally John with a wonderful talent.” —Christen Ralich