After All These Years

A Word from the Author

“Like the women in Book 1, friends Lia and Isabel know the loss of old dreams. Strong in their faith, they have forged ahead, embracing new ones. When complications arise and emotions become entangled, doubts creep into their decision-making. Once again they try to hold the reins until love wins out. After all these years they find that learning to walk by faith is an ongoing lesson.”
Sally John, Author of After All These Years

Editorial Reviews

“The message of sin, repentance, and forgiveness is found on nearly every page of Sally John’s thoroughly readable book. A tinge of suspense only heightens the reader’s interest and hesitation to put this book down until completed. John has done a good job to develop not only the main characters, but the secondary characters as well. The characters’ struggles with sin in their lives allow for the gospel to be presented throughout in a non–intrusive, very natural way.” —Christian Library Journal

“At the center of ‘The Other Way Home’ series is a group of warm and loving women, a medley of personalities and lifestyles bound together by their faith. Isabel Mendoza’s past is just a faded memory...until Tony Ward arrives in Valley Oaks. After All These Years, a novel of old love reunited and new love discovered, demonstrates how the redeeming grace of God can touch the past and bring healing and mercy into present–day life.” —Inspirational Market News

Reader Reviews

“Another great story by Sally John, full of life and living! I love her characters and description of the lovely town the story is set in – she makes you feel like you can see the town and be friends with the characters.” —Narelle Mollet

“Well done!!! It was a great book...I enjoyed it and read it in a 24–hour period. Thanks so much for writing a story filled with so much love and grace. It sure showed me that I need to take the blinders off. That Christians aren’t perfect, just SOOOOOOOO forgiven.” —Denice Leavitt