Moment of Truth

Editorial Reviews

“Sally John has written another page–turner! The reader will race through this novel with heart pounding to find the answer to the question—Can Cara ever find safety and love? Moment of Truth is one of those novels that keeps you on the edge of your seat, biting your nails in anticipation of the ending. Sally John gives us characters with courage and strength tempered with kindness and compassion. Ms. John helps the reader to see all things are possible with God, even with the Mob after you.” —Romance

“I had no problems envisioning the story as it unfolded. I especially like Bryan when he laid the vestments of his church aside and jumped onto his motorcycle. He reminded me so much of an Episcopal priest I used to know. Lovers of contemporary Christian fiction will want to pick up a copy of Moment of Truth.” —Round Table

“I liked this book, but it was a bit like a bag of chips. You start off saying, I’ll just start it. I’ll just read one chapter, or I’ll just have a handful of chips and pretty soon you’re sitting there with an empty, crinkled bag, feeling slightly queasy. Or in this case, you turn the last page and realize it’s nine o’clock, no one’s had supper and you’ve been in the bathtub for the past three hours. Or, that could just be me.” —Christian Fiction Reviewer Newsletter

Reader Reviews

“Sally’s style is fiction that’s gripping, realistic, humorous—not silly (there’s a difference you know) with heroes who are so neat. Not in macho hunk ways, but in what our husbands would look like on the printed page if we used them as models. The main characters are real and flawed and it’s the first time I’ve truly wanted to meet people from a book.” —Peggy McShane

“Sally’s books are the perfect compliment to a nice hot bubble bath on a cold night with candle light. What sets Sally’s books apart is how real the people seem and my absolute favorite thing is the humor. Sally’s books are a mini–vacation; a suspenseful, humorous, romantic break; and fictional therapy.” —Becky Ellsworth

“Moment of Truth gripped me by the throat and wouldn’t let go until I was finished. The issues addressed in the book are dealt with efficiently and sensitively. Warmth flows throughout the story, creating a coziness that makes the reader want to live in it.” —Deborah M. Piccurelli, author of In the Midst of Deceit