Flash Point

Editorial Reviews

“Sally John does such a tremendous job creating believable settings and genuine characters. Gabe and Terri are delightful, and you find yourself rooting for them, as they attempt to make sense of their world while following their faith and facing tragedy. I laughed and cried right along with them.” —The Romance Readers Connection

Reader Reviews

“As usual, Sally’s characters drew me right in and made me care about them. I love Sally’s style of writing because she takes real, everyday people and situations, and weaves them into a beautiful ‘angel tale’ (my term for the Christian version of a fairy tale). We can relate, but at the same time are in awe at the twists and turns in the paths of the characters’ lives. I loved this book and look forward to the next in the series!” —Deborah M. Piccurelli, author of In the Midst of Deceit

“Sally John’s characters show us how to live God–honoring, fruitful lives in this broken, less–than–ideal world. They falter and stumble, but along the path show us the freedom of trusting God and of a healthy emotional life. She drops these truths lightly into her readers’ hearts. I may begin her books anticipating another ‘take–me–away’ story, but soon into the journey, gentle truth seeps into my soul and I find nourishment for my real–world living!” —Margo Balsis

“I definitely would recommend this book to others. I think Sally John has written a great book and many people will like it. It has a lot of funny parts as well as serious parts.” —Patty Blake

“Terri’s story can be so much like so many people in the world. We each have that one flash point in our lives that makes us realize we either need to change the direction of our lives or let life just keep going the way it has been. Some of us have more than one flash point in our lives. Terri took awhile to realize what God was trying to tell her and when she did, she realized she truly was a special person and God did want her happy. Even as Christians, God gives us flash points in our lives, especially if we are doing our own thing and not staying with God and his will for our lives. Thank you to Sally John for another wonderful book.” —Carol L. Hoefs

“Flash Point was wonderful and I am looking forward to reading #3 as I love Cara and Bryan’s characters already.” —Narelle

“You are wonderful! I LOVED Flash Point!!! I finally got to finish it. I stayed up until 4:15a.m. the other night because I could not put the book down. I think this is my favorite so far. It was just great and I wanted to tell you. I really can’t wait until the next one. Keep up the wonderful work!” —Sadrina

“I am absolutely addicted to Sally John’s books! I can’t get enough of them. Every story is real and engrossing. I find myself immersed in the lives and personalities of every character.” —Kelly A. Farmer