June 2011

Desert Gift


Desert Gift

A story about the unexpected detours our lives can take, the lies we sometimes tell ourselves, and the hope that God is always at work, even in the desert.
"This thoughtful inspirational reminds readers that it's never too late for second chances"
Romantic Times, 4 1/2 star review

A thoughtful and engaging novel."
Publishers Weekly
Jack and Jill went up a hill. . .
          They hadn’t planned on the trek, but there it was: after twenty-four years together, the Galloways find themselves talking divorce.
          Jack simply wants out. Jill wants to fix things. She should know how. She hosts a radio program devoted to growing healthy marriages. She has even written a book, a how-to on marital communication.
Surely a solution is at her fingertips.
        Instead she learns that her marriage has not been healthy for a very long time.     
        Searching for answers, Jill journeys from Chicago to her childhood home in a California desert. With the help of her wacky sister, an odd stranger, and a visit to Hollywood, she begins to hope that she and Jack do not have to go tumbling down that hill after all.

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