Available July 2014



Friendship Is Often Found

Where You Least Expect It

Jasmyn Albright needs a refuge. After a disaster uproots her from her life in the Midwest, she travels to picturesque Seaside Village in Southern California to catch her breath and get her bearings. 

From Publisher’s Weekly:


“John (Heart Echoes) introduces the residents of Casa de Vida in the first volume of her new Family of the Heart series. A collection of 11 bungalows in the San Diego, California, neighborhood of Seaside Village houses an eclectic group of renters, but owner Olivia “Liv” McAlister has fostered a sense of community among them. Jasmyn Albright heads to California for a brief respite after a tornado destroys her Illinois home. After her rental car is stolen with all her possessions inside it, she becomes the newest member of the enclave. Like the other residents, Jasmyn is as much in need of a second chance as she is a roof over her head. When Liv suffers a heart attack, it’s up to the tiny band of misfits to pull together, not only for her but also for itself and the way of life that has become its safety net. All of the residents are complex characters as full of flaws and failures as they are of compassion and hope. John deftly weaves the theme of faith into the fabric of her story, and as her characters are inspired so, too, are her readers. A delightful read.

From Goodreads.com:

“I was delighted with this new series by Sally John. Very rarely does an author do a good job at writing more realistic book with likable and yet down to earth characters, where everyone is not gorgeous and brilliant. I felt like this book was a rare gem and had great characters and an engrossing story line. I love how the author weaves together a beautiful story about broken people from all walks of life. Jasmyn has had enough bad breaks to last a lifetime, but finds a family in Casa de Vida and learns about friendship. I also liked the sweet romance that added just enough to the book without being overwhelming.”  ~ Bethany rated it 5 of 5 stars

From CBD catalog: http://www.christianbook.com/Christian/Books/catalog_viewer?issue_id=1105419&event=OLC&page=25

“Painting a warm portrait of community, John evokes the spirit of Mitford with her cast of quirky characters that reside in this picturesque corner of California.  You’ll become a fellow boarder living in the motherly embrace of Liv…  You’ll laugh with them over shared meals, grieve their losses, and rejoice as the walls around their hearts crumble under the protective care and faith of friends. 
A visit you’ll treasure.